Author Lynn Rosenblatt - Monarch Butterfly USA
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Lynn Rosenblatt


Connecticut teacher and author LYNN ROSENBLATT devoted twenty-five years to teaching energetic and spontaneous first and second grade children. She empowered students through a global teaching approach and welcomed student creativity and spontaneity.

Lynn’s first book, MONARCH MAGIC~ Butterfly Activities & Nature Discoveries, now in its second edition, is an award winning educational resource for preserving the habitat of the monarch butterfly.

This website is a companion to the book, delivering a learning and discovery experience for curious young minds with photos of Monarch Butterflies, life cycle facts, Milkweed and Nectar “WAYSTATION” gardening, migration, educational sites, resource links to milkweed seeds, a curriculum resource guide for teachers, and information on the discovery of the Monarch’s over-wintering site in Mexico.

Monarch Magic’s resource information and educational impact has reached across the United States and has remained a constant since 1998.

Learn more about Lynn’s other books, videos and music at her author website at

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