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“Inspiration, Dedication and Passion drive us onward to protect our beautiful World of Nature!”

PHOTO: Holli Webb Hearn

A term coined by Edward Lorenz, The Butterfly Effect refers to the notion that “small causes can have larger effects”. This concept has been used by notable scientists from Henri Poincaré to Norbert Wiener, but it was Lorenz’s work that linked the impact of seemingly inconsequential data – such as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings – to the dynamic systems of the earth’s atmosphere. Can this effect be applied to Monarch Butterflies and their influence on the world around us? What do you think?

Plant Milkweed - Jasmine Keefe

PHOTO: Jasmine Keefe


OH NO!…NOT the BULLDOZER!!! This is happening across the country!

Destroyed Plants

Thankfully THESE monarchs and caterpillar were SAFE!

Monarch Survivors

Monarchs have been on earth for over 10 million years, but humans have had a negative impact on the preservation of their habitat. Their magical migration and the host plant milkweed are both in danger. Logging in the fog-covered fir trees in the central Mexican highlands and constant new development of the California coast are tearing away at the “coat of protection” for the monarch’s wintering sites. All around the USA, milkweed is being cut away for commercial development.

Milkweed Hotline

PHOTO: (caterpillar photo) Andrea Diane

The MILKWEED HOTLINE was created for those in NEED of milkweed to feed their monarch caterpillars…and those with EXTRA Milkweed willing to ship and DONATE the leaves. All transactions are between the parties involved.

The “heart” of the Monarch’s Habitat ~ Plant Milkweed!

PHOTO: Jennifer Carey

Monarchs and Bees Need Our Help

Left: Proboscis and Wings Closeup PHOTO: Matt Forness, Right: Honey Tests Reveal Global Contamination by Bee-harming Pesticides – Read the article.

Read the article.

Girl Scouts Lobby to Make Milkweed Illinois’ State Wildflower

Kinsley Schultz and Vanessa Tyler are Girl Scouts who mobilized their troop to lobby Illinois lawmakers in support of the proposed state designation. Vanessa says it’ll help people think twice about killing milkweed. Read two articles from April Peoria Public Radio article and Northern Public Radio article. Postscript: the troup was successful. The Illinois State Legislature passed the bill!

Pacific Grove, CA

The annual Pacific Grove Butterfly Parade featuring students from Forest Grove Elementary School and Robert Down School in Pacific Grove on October 5, 2013.

PHOTO: Jon Stinchcomb (News Herald)

Monarch City USA

PORT CLINTON – Port Clinton was recently named a “Monarch City USA,” becoming the second city in Ohio to join a nationwide effort to support the struggling monarch butterfly population. Earlier this month, Port Clinton City Council unanimously passed a motion pledging to plant more pollinator gardens throughout the city as part of the effort as a Monarch City USA. Contact Russell Stubbles at for more information.

Read the full article from the Port Clinton News Herald.

Download - Crafty Monarch Project Instructions

What can YOU do to help? THINK MILKWEED! SAVE THE MONARCHS! Join together with friends and families to raise money to protect this magical insect and its habitat. Start a M & M ACTION Club (Monarchs and Milkweed) Have a Bake Sale, organize a Car Wash, or Make T-Shirts for fund-raisers.

Most of all, write letters to everyone you know to TRANSPLANT milkweed to their own school or backyard. (Step-by-step directions in MONARCH MAGIC!


Monarch Watch
100% of your donation will go to Monarch Watch.
Donations may be made by phone, online, or by mail.

Ellen Chindamo, Senior Director of Donor Relations

If you would rather mail your donation, please make checks payable to Monarch Watch and mail to:

Gift Processing Department
KU Endowment
P.O. Box 928
Lawrence, KS 66044-0928

The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary
c/o Dr. Karen Oberhauser
2078 Skillman Avenue
Roseville, MN 55113

This organization is under the guidance of Dr. Lincoln Brower, noted Monarch Authority. Dr. Brower’s lifelong work of preserving the monarchs’ overwintering habitat in Mexico and his plight to save the monarchs has been documented in LIFE MAGAZINE.

Monarch Butterfly Fund
Conserving the Migration
Your donation is tax deductible and will help MBF continue our projects dedicated to the conservation of monarch butterflies.

Your donation is tax deductible and will help MBF continue our projects dedicated to the conservation of monarch butterflies.

c/o Karen Oberhauser
2078 Skillman Ave W
Roseville, MN 55113

Friends of the Monarchs
P.O. Box 51683
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Friends of the Monarchs is dedicated to increasing public awareness and community involvement in restoring and preserving in and around Pacific Grove and around the world!

Milkweed Across America!

Monarch Butterflies need our help! Join local efforts to plant milkweed in schoolyards, libraries, and backyards across the USA.

These resources will get you started.

Monarch Watch – Free Milkweeds for Restoration Projects
Monarch Joint Venture – Native Milkweed Campaign
David Suzuki Foundation – Ten Tips for a Monarch-Friendly Garden
Our Habitat Garden – Growing Milkweed for Monarchs
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