Monarch Larvae Attaching to its Silk Pad

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Caught on camera! A Monarch larvae turning to attach itself securely to its silk button. Be sure not to disturb the monarchs when they are preparing to molt to the pupal, or chrysalis, stage. Just before they pupate, monarch larvae will spin a small silk button, or pad. The larvae will then hang upside down from this pad by their last pair of prolegs, assuming the J-shaped position of the prepupa. The silk comes from the spinneret on the bottom of the head. As it sheds its skin for the [...]

Milkweed Hotline

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This Facebook Group was created for those in need of milkweed LEAVES to feed their monarch caterpillars, and those with extra milkweed willing to donate to those who have short supply. The Milkweed Hotline concept was first developed within the Facebook Group, TheBeautifulMonarch. All transactions are between the parties involved only, Milkweed Hotline is simply the creator of the group for people to find each other. MilkweedHotline

Monarch City USA

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PHOTO: Jon Stinchcomb (News Herald) Monarch City USA PORT CLINTON – Port Clinton was recently named a “Monarch City USA,” becoming the second city in Ohio to join a nationwide effort to support the struggling monarch butterfly population. Earlier this month, Port Clinton City Council unanimously passed a motion pledging to plant more pollinator gardens throughout the city as part of the effort as a Monarch City USA. Contact Russell Stubbles at for more information. Read the full article from the Port Clinton News Herald.

Girl Scouts Lobby

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Girl Scouts Lobby to Make Milkweed Illinois’ State Wildflower Kinsley Schultz and Vanessa Tyler are Girl Scouts who mobilized their troop to lobby Illinois lawmakers in support of the proposed state designation. Vanessa says it’ll help people think twice about killing milkweed. Read two articles from April Peoria Public Radio article and Northern Public Radio article. Postscript: the troup was successful. The Illinois State Legislature passed the bill!

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