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The CREMASTER is the little stem-like appendage that reaches out from under the crumpled skin to connect with the silk button. It holds the chrysalis safely through wind and rainstorms, performing an amazing “high-wire” feat. The caterpillar actually lets go – and then grabs hold – Catching this on film was awesome – one of the best videos I have seen!!! PHOTOS: (images 1, 3, 4) Holli Webb Hearn, (image 2) Dr. Lincoln Brower

The Silk Makers

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Can you make a Silk Button? Of course not … you’re a human being, NOT a caterpillar! But other insects use strands of silk to build their webs and cocoons. Silkworms spins nets of silk for laying their eggs and making their strong silk cocoons. Silkworm cocoons are used to make the luxurious silk clothing we wear. Woolly bear moth caterpillars weave a unique cocoon by pulling out their own body hairs and weaving them into the cocoon. Spiders send out a dragline to move quickly from one place to another and [...]

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