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Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly
Activities & Nature Discoveries

This website is a learning and discovery companion to the award-winning book, MONARCH MAGIC! It covers the monarch butterfly’s life cycle, preservation of milkweed habitat, the monarch’s incredible 3000-mile migration, raise/release of monarch butterflies, butterfly gardening, and exciting crafts for kids at school and at home.
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“An excellent introduction to the world of the monarch butterfly. Beautiful full-color photographs accompany the text from beginning to end.”

PHOTO: Jason Milne

MONARCH BUTTERFLY USA is a one-of-a-kind website for children and monarch lovers of all ages!  The photos and dialogue are dedicated to preserving the habitat of the magnificent monarch butterfly. The span of the site covers the monarch’s life cycle from caterpillar to adult monarch, milkweed habitat for all the seasons, butterfly “WAYSTATION” gardening, resource contacts for teachers, children, and monarch enthusiasts, and also includes beautiful photos by Naturalist Photographer Tom Pawlesh of the incredible 3000-mile migration site in Mexico. It glorifies the beauty of the monarch butterfly!!

Monarch Magic’s resource information and educational impact has reached across the United States and has remained a constant since 1998.

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