An “Angelversary” – a Monarch Butterfly Tribute from a Loving Mother to her Son 

On 7/4/2008, Melinda Bradley lost her son. He was killed in an automobile accident along with two of his friends. The family released butterflies in his memory on his first “Angelversary.” The gathering was at a house with a swimming pool and as the family dangled their feet in the pool talking and reminiscing … miraculously … three butterflies returned to the party. The family knew then, that these butterflies were special! Melinda is a mail carrier, and almost everyday, she sees a butterfly and always says, “Hi William.” Some days, she will even see three and always says “Hi” to the other boys killed in the same car accident.

VIDEO: Melinda Bradley – William’s Monarch

Looking to the future, Melinda planted milkweed two years ago and was hopeful to see butterflies in her garden. This year, 2017, she had 3 chrysalises on her porch railing. Needless to say, this was miracle beyond belief and a cherished memory forever!